Friday, March 9, 2012


Ok so I've been away for awhile doing my challenge. It has be pretty successful, but I have found something even better than push ups and sit ups! (better than push ups and sit ups?) YES BETTER THAN PUSH UPS AND SIT UPS! I have discovered the workout that the guys from the movie 300 did to get in shape for the movie. I am now doing that work out everyday. The first day I did this I threw up. Thats how great this workout is. I feel amazing doing it. It consists of 25 pull ups, then 50 dead lifts of 135 pounds, then 50 push ups (so there are push ups), then 50 box jumps, then 50 of an abs workout of your choice, the 50 of a shoulder workout of your choice, ended by 25 more pull ups. The key to the workout is to do all of these things as fast as you can. This is what makes it so tiring and intense! I'll keep you posted on how becoming a spartan is going.

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